Electronic engineering

We can design and build any electronic device you need.

At LaInteractiva.io we offer any type of electronic engineering solution needed by the client: electronic schematic design, product prototyping, firmware programming, printed circuit board (PCB), design and production.

The client can give us basic or very detailed specifications of the product needed. With this information we setup a working line that we’ll share with the client in all the process to ensure we achieve the best product to satisfy his needs.



electronics engineering projects.

Electronics consulting

Advising and support, mentoring and assistance.

Electronics design

Design and creation of the schematics of the electronic product needed.


Tailor-made software for microcontrollers and embedded systems.


Creation of the minimum viable product (MVP) to aid the client to do real concept or market test to validate his idea.

Printed circuit board (PCB) design

From schematic to layout design, from standard electronics to power electronics and high frequency systems.

Expertise Areas:

  • Unique tailor-made electronic designs
  • Microcontrollers and embedded systems
  • IoT Systems
  • Systems with sensors and actuators
  • Battery powered devices