Interactive Installation Engineering

Tailor-made designs and creation of electronic and electric interactive systems and interactive installations.

We offer engineering services for interactive installations, interactive systems and kinetic sculptures for creative studios and final brands.

Our scope of action is the design and creation of anything related to electronics, electrics, control systems, sensors and actuators, whether from movement, light or any other kind. We are experts on DMX and OSC protocols.

We can create from unique single sensor up to installations with hundreds of sensors and actuators. The limit is in the client side.



Projects of interactive systems and interactive installations.


We advise creative studios and final clients of the economic viability, hardware and software required, among other issues of an interactive installation.

Prototyping of interactive installations and systems

We design and build the core parts of an interactive installation or interactive system for the client to make a concept or validation test.

Design of interactive systems

We do the design of the most critical and specialized parts: electronics, electrics, programming the microcontrollers, Arduinos, RaspberryPi, etc.


.. of the interactive systems.

Specialized in:

  • DMX

    • DMX Actuators

      Design of any device, system, motor, light or actuator to be controlled by DMX.

    • DMX Controllers

      Design of autonomous DMX controllers.

    • DMX Dimmer

      Tailor-made dimmers with any number of channels and power by channel.

  • OSC

    • OSC Sensors

      Design of any type of sensor with OSC protocol, to communicate with ProtoPixel, MadMapped, etc.

  • I/O x100

    • Massive Systems

      Design of systems with hundreds of sensors and actuators.

    • Shields

      We make custom made shields for Arduino, RaspberryPi, etc.

    • Embedded Systems

      programing of any type of microcontroller or platform: SamD21, Arduino, Raspberry, etc.

    • Creative coding

      We develop creative software with Processing, openFrameworks, Python, etc.

    • Biometric Sensors

      Design of biomedical and biometrics sensors to get human biofeedback for interactive installations: heart rate, etc.